February 18th, 2009

Datamoshing is how you call the video technique in this music video “Evident Utensil” for the band Chairlift. I would still call it digital glitches, but datamoshing sounds better (than the music in this video). So no, this video is not f*cked up, Ray Tintori of Court 13 who directed it, did it on purpose.

found at kottke

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  1. Richard Says:

    interesting, i hate it when it happens when i’m watching a video normally but never thought of it as a creative way of doing video. And you’re right, the music is terrible.

  2. simon Says:

    awesome! – I always loved it when this happens by jumping from one betweener to another.
    I din’t turn sound on due to richards comment. then it’s beautiful.

    read also > “frug” and “data shuffle”

  3. Fette Says:

    Check the work of Takeshi Murata, in particular, Escape Spirit VideoSlime, 2007.

  4. Ekishi Says:

    Kanye West dropped his news video, same effects things.

    He says “This is the video we’ve been working on for the last month.

    We know there is another video out there using the same technique so we were forced to drop it now.”

    Who’s the genius ???

  5. plee Says:

    yeah. doesn’t matter if they did it on purpose. looks like what i get on tv when there’s a thunderstorm. annoying.

  6. DavidG Says:

    Welcome to post-digital psychedelia.

  7. DavidG Says:

    (The video, not the music – which is as mind-numbingly boring as the video is mind-meltingly fascinating. Somebody will come along soon to melt your mind with appropriate music.)

  8. M Says:

    This effect — video decompression with dropped reference frames — has been played around with for 20 years.

  9. February 20, 2009 « Blogblah!!! Says:

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  10. Marshall Says:

    What they are doing is fooling around with the Iframes and P frames in MPEG based video. Since each frame in a Group of Pictures (GOP) is sent as the difference from the last, if you drop or replace the initial I-frame, you can get faces that hang there, bodies that appear to come out of swimming pools, etc. If you drop or alter the intermediate B frames, you can trails on moving objects, etc. In a playback scenario, this continues until the next GOP and the next iFrame, but clearly here they have manipulated this to get some cool effects.

  11. markcreegan Says:

    Here is one I did recently using found footage already datamoshed:

  12. mhumpert Says:

    Here’s one I did on youtube:

    It was a lot of fun to edit.

  13. mattyluv Says:

    Awesome technique, I’ve been screwing with it for awhile too, I think it all comes down to what you do with it Takeshi Murata is an example of someone who really “Get it” as an artistic technique, whereas with “Evident Utensil” seems to have just made the edit, and sucked the iframes out of it, which in comparison makes it look kinda lazy, although the watercolor morphing is very cool. I think this technique has a long way to go before it’s “overused”. The artists Doug Goodwin and Rebecca Baron also use this technique in a way much more interesting than what Kanye west could ever say or do with it.

    just my two cents

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