Available Online For Free

February 19th, 2009

Available Online For Free” is the first solo exhibition and the title a book by Evan Roth. I’m a big fan, I’ve posted 7 projects by him or projects where he was involved with: Double Mouse, Laser Tag, White Glove Tracking, Hip-Hop Pop-ups, #BADA55, Explicit Content Only and New Era.
The book is a compilation of the amazing work he did during the last couple of years. You can buy your copy for just $26 or download the free PDF. These stickers are hilarious!

Available Online For Free

Available Online For Free

Available Online For Free

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  1. Philipp Says:

    SEE YOU SEE ME is auch ziemlich genial. http://evan-roth.com/see-you-see-me.php

    auch einzigartig unteranderem von ihm http://fffff.at/fuckflickr-info/ eine kostenlose diy-online gallery als flickr alternative

    sieht so aus: http://hundertmarkblog.de/fuckflickr/fuckflickr/ so jetzt wartet der kommentar auf freischaltung

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