The Crisis of Credit Visualized

February 20th, 2009

Jonathan Jarvis did an amazing job visualizing and explaining the current credit crisis. Watch it: The Crisis of Credit Visualized, 11 minutes and 10 seconds well invested!

5 Responses to “The Crisis of Credit Visualized”

  1. spanier Says:

    yeah. very good explanation of the big buzz… but i am missing the question or answer where all that dirty money went to… could have been a little more critical on this way.

  2. SmotherMyButtocksWithLard Says:

    This is a convincing but unfortunately incomplete piece of work. I cannot understand why no mention was made of the huge increase in home ownership that was engineered by the Clinton administration (and continued by Bush II) in the name of “equality of access” for the Democrat’s client groups: minorities and low-income families.

  3. Jimena Says:

    Loved it… in response to the comments above, well I guess it’s supposed to be kind of “Credit Crisis for Dummies”…

  4. Huge Says:

    Good explanation, but riddle me this – howcome the US has a crisis and all the other currencies are devalued against the Dollar?

  5. Wanna Buy a Box? Says:

    One of the reasons for the upcoming “New World Order”… ….and…..More Government Control………..:-) The Banksters got really really really really rich and left nothing for US (the normal people)…. If the banks and Brokers were not Greedy and just did normal business none of this would have happened…. I am sure the real reasons behind 145$ Oil last summer has allot to with the same Speculators………has anyone read the 1100 Page Stimulus Package yet? Great Graphics and Simple Explainations…. They sucked all the money out of the economies…. printing more wont help!!!!!!!!

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