Jenny Holzer Projections

February 24th, 2009

These are 3 of the projections that Jenny Holzer did in San Diego in 2007.

I Can't Tell You - Jenny Holzer Projections

I Feel You - Jenny Holzer Projections

I See You - Jenny Holzer Projections

7 Responses to “Jenny Holzer Projections”

  1. Adam Says:

    these looks great, my only concern is that they look a bit like a Nike ‘Just Do It’ campaign..

  2. Aurelia Says:

    when a french girl said “Whaou”

  3. slashlu Says:

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  4. courtney Says:

    i really really like this. i think it’s a great idea and nice execution

  5. Mike Says:

    jenny blows my mind
    her truisms are so interesting

  6. frenk Says:

    looks a bit like paul snowdons typography..but i really like this.

  7. Aigars Says:

    This is just great.
    What is the name of the typeface you’re using?

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