Happy Clouds

February 26th, 2009

Yesterday, Stuart Semple released 2057 pink smiley faced clouds in London. He wanted to cheer up the people. They were made of helium, biodegradable soap and vegetable dye. After 30 minutes they dissolved in the air. Excellent idea and execution!

Happy Clouds by Stuart Semple

Happy Clouds by Stuart Semple

found at designboom weblog

7 Responses to “Happy Clouds”

  1. cake. Says:

    holy geeze this is wonderful!

  2. noquedanblogs.com » Blog Archive » Felicidad Callejera Says:

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  3. onirica Says:


  4. andy Says:


  5. wagonjak Says:

    The idea is wonderful, but I’m pretty sure the top two images are photoshopped with the helium balloons on top of the scenery…

  6. Francine Says:

    come on!!! unhappy clouds, helium shortage!!

  7. alexa Says:

    wagonjak- I’ve just found who took those photos- they are here: i’m sure the Telegraph Newspaper don’t make image of the day photoshopped by their photographers!!

    But just be happy at what an amazing event it was…..

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