Puma Lift

March 13th, 2009

A while ago I posted a video called Displacements by Michael Naimark. He basically filmed a room, then he spray-painted it completely white and in the end he projected the video back on those white objects in the room.
I was always wondering when this visual gimmick would be used for a TV commercial. Well, the waiting is over: “Puma Lift“. The New York ad agency Droga5 made this film where you can see a couple moving through different virtual sceneries. In the end they reveal that the whole room and the clothing was actually white and that it was a projection.
I think that the film is great, it was probably a lot of work to get the movements and the projection in sync. But they could have presented this film to any other brand, it is very generic.
You should watch it anyway!

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  1. James Says:

    I think you’re onto something with your comment about it being suitable for any brand. There’s a lot of debate about commercials and music video directors ripping off other (smaller, more experimental, arty, non-commercial) peoples’ stuff, and it’s usually (a) unprovable and (b) a stupid argument anyway. That’s the way things work. But perhaps there is a case to be made (to what end, I’m not sure) that there’s a different quality to this sort of “generic” ripping off. If the gimmick could be tied to the brand, there’d be an argument in its favour, but when there’s not, it’s a bit harder to defend.

    (Hello, by the way. Long time reader, first time commenter. You have an excellent site.)

  2. Tim Says:

    Wow, rapid changing of scenes is awesome

  3. Jesse Says:

    This is not nearly as cool as Naimark’s work.

  4. Kayla Says:

    And it’s using The Magnetic Fieldssss! Dream boat.

  5. Tommy Says:

    What is Puma doing?

  6. Zipfolder Says:

    Wow, that looks so good!
    P.S. When I started to watch this movie I didn’t think that it’s just advertising :D really

  7. Donovan Says:

    This is a very cool video! I like how the scenes keep changing .

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