I Know What Kanye West Will Blog Next Week

March 25th, 2009

NoMoreSleep brought to my attention that Kanye West reblogged some of my posts. Which is of course fine, this is the internet after all! So I did a quick search on his blog and found 5 posts from today and tomorrow. The strange thing is that this one post isn’t published yet, check out the date. So I guess I just found out what he (and/or his little helpers) will post next week.
Kanye … could you send me a pair of black LV Don’s in 8.5? That would be great!

A Thousand of Self by Noriko Ambe

9 Responses to “I Know What Kanye West Will Blog Next Week”

  1. KEEHNAN Says:

    the other four posts are all scans from maxim, right?

  2. sarah Says:

    definitely a compliment!

  3. alreadytaken17 Says:

    this is a trashy thing to post for a good blog, this piece particularly was posted elsewhere prior to you posting it.

    good try.

    -another blogger

  4. I steal your shit two (sorry) Says:

    Yeah… your right I have noticed that also. I bet the person that is doing it is doing it on the low and the rest of the team or staff doesn’t even know about it. I bet they posted that comment by “alreadytaken17”!

    YEAH you are entitled to your shoes!

  5. Steve Says:


  6. Patrick Algrim Says:


    It was probably posted everywhere, why is it that blogging about art is like beating someone to cheap stocks in the market? Fuck that! Blogging about art shows appreciation for the original artist, because there isn’t ENOUGH of it!


    I am with you. Why is it that big celebrities can take other artists work, manipulate it into being somewhat of their own (even if it’s just appreciation for it) and then try and pull it off like, “Hey look how much style I have, I am the next BIG thing.” — It’s like dude, chill, your bank account should make you happy, not everyone kissing your feet.

  7. thom Says:

    do they do half sizes?

  8. today and tomorrow - pieter Says:


    of course this is a trashy subject, I just thought it was funny to find out what Kanye’s blog has lined up for next week.
    Did I ever claim to post this piece of art as the first blog?
    That piece is from 2007, it would be a shame if no one noticed it before.

    @I steal your shit two (sorry)

    first of all, you can’t steal my shit because it isn’t mine. Almost every thing I post is out there online.
    I just wrote that about the shoes to see if something would happen … a reaction at maximum.

    @Patrick Algrim
    If you’re talking about his blog, then I have to disagree. He does basically the same as I do, he shares things he likes on his blog.


    I bet Kanye will fix that for me. lol

  9. spanier Says:

    mwaaaaaahaahahaaahaahahaaaaa! so funny… hope you get the shoes…

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