The MacGuffin Library

March 25th, 2009

“The MacGuffin Library” is project by Noam Toran, Onkar Kular and Keith Jones.
A MacGuffin is a term attributed to Hitchcock, it is a cinematic plot device, usually an object, that serves to set and keep the story in motion despite lacking intrinsic importance.
“The MacGuffin Library” consists of 16 objects based on 16 original film stories written by Noam, Onkar & Keith. The objects and the film excerpts should stimulate the viewer to imagine the film.
The objects are made out of a black polymer resin using a rapid prototype machine.

The Potemkin Steps - The MacGuffin Library

James Dean - The MacGuffin Library

Koons Balloon Dog Mold - The MacGuffin Library

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  1. Matthias Says:

    Ah what a pleasure to find the movies behind these objects… !
    So far, I found two of them but I am a bit upset that the suitcase from Pulp Fiction isn’t part of that series.

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