Tensile Series by James Clar

March 26th, 2009

“Tensile Series” by James Clar is a series of spatial light sculptures that use tense wires to create a self-supporting structure. The wires that create tension, holding up the structure, also provide the electricity. They are minimal sculptures and floor lamps.

Tensile Series by James Clar

Tensile Series by James ClarTensile Series by James Clar

5 Responses to “Tensile Series by James Clar”

  1. name Says:

    Isn’t there a patent on this form by Kenneth Snelson for example:
    and more similar work on:

  2. today and tomorrow - pieter Says:

    I don’t understand this whole patent thing … in the end they will kill creativity.

  3. D Says:

    Isn’t it Bucky Fuller’s tensegrity?

  4. today and tomorrow - pieter Says:

    @D it definitely looks very similar

  5. James Clar Says:

    Thanks for the link.

    Yes, the lamps I created are based off of tensigrity structures, similar to Kenneth Snelson. There are a lot of books on how to create the structures and how they are used in architecture.

    What I did is figure out how to use the tense wires to support AND to send electricity to the fluorescent tube lights. The AC power is able to be sent up the tower while at the same time creating the tension to support it.

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