March 27th, 2009

I’ll be in Hamburg on April 1st and 2nd, for the first time ever … shame on me … maybe. So I need some tips, where to go to, exhibitions, galleries, shops … Is there some website like berlin.unlike but for Hamburg? Hamburg is like a blank sheet of paper to me. Thanks!

nothing to say, nothing to sell by spanier

photo by spanier

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  1. Andreas Says:

    Good & interesting shops are located in the “Schanzenviertel” (Subway-Station “Schanzenstern”) or the “Karoviertel” (Subway-Station “Messehallen”) – there are also a lot of interesting Bars and Restaurants. Don’t miss the “Yoko Mono”-Bar in the Marktstraße. Strange people, often strange music – but very nice! :-)

    Also worth a visit: The harbour-area behind the usual tourist-attractions & the elbstrand – but maybe it’s the wrong season for it in april. ;)

    An interesting area concerning new architecture & city development is the “hafen city” – a whole new disctrict of the city – behind the also very nice old “Speicherstadt” … A place for good exibitions near there: The Deichtorhallen …

  2. Jesse Says:

    You can always visit the Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg. :P

  3. William Thirteen Says:

    at the moment there are number of excellent exhibitions currently hanging at the Kunsthalle – which is next door to the Hauptbahnhof if you are taking the train up there

    also behind the train station is the neighborhood of St. Georg – which is a bit gritty but has some nice places including Mutterland – a great place to grab a sandwich

    and i agree with andreas that the Speicherstadt is worth a walk through – you can get the feeling for how Hamburg was formed around its port. Now the site of a huge redevelopment project reclaiming land from the water…

    have fun – i can’t wait to read about your experiences!

  4. Jannes Says:

    visit the DIALOGUE IN THE DARK exhibition. and experience how its like to be blind. still the most special experience I had in an exhibition.

  5. ignasi Says:

    There are lots of posters and papers on the streets so you can find some of semi-squads houses with interestings things going on.

  6. Fleak Says:

    Hier mal ein paar Dinge, die mir spontan einfielen:

    Hab noch nicht reingelesen aber die Adresse ist schon mal gut:

    Oft interessantes Programm und Lineup:

    Streetart und mehr

    und Standard für Ausländer:

  7. M Says:

    You should visit Fitting Forward – a Hamburg concept fashion & design store at Stresemannstrasse 110.
    They’re opening a new concept the 1st!

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