LeadAwards 2009 Commendation

April 3rd, 2009

The reason why I was in Hamburg the last 2 days, was because of the LeadAwards 2009. today and tomorrow received a commendation in the category weblog of the year. The LeadAwards is one of the most import awards for print and online work in Germany. The big difference to other awards is the fact that you can’t submit your work or website, they have to find you. So I’m very happy with the commendation! Like I said before: content is king, so a big thank you to all those today and tomorrow content creators.
But that was only one part of my visit to Hamburg. The weather was excellent, which is quite important when you visit a city. I had really great time thanks to my private tour guide Miguel. I also had the chance to go onto the roof of the Flak Tower IV in St. Pauli. You can’t find a better view over city than from up there (but I really liked all the concrete), thank you Judith!

(The normal today and tomorrow updates should resume shortly.)

Flak Tower IV at St. Pauli, Hamburg

Flak Tower IV at St. Pauli, Hamburg

Flak Tower IV at St. Pauli, Hamburg

Flak Tower IV at St. Pauli, Hamburg

Flak Tower IV at St. Pauli, Hamburg

6 Responses to “LeadAwards 2009 Commendation”

  1. Matthias Says:


    Have you already been to the corresponding exhibit “VisualLeader” at the Deichtorhallen? Did you see the “Pro and Contra” install in the entrance area? A couple of weeks ago I wrote about it, would love to hear from someone who saw it.


  2. today and tomorrow - pieter Says:

    Thank you Matthias.
    Of course I visited the exhibition. The online department was a little underrepresented …
    I didn’t think that the “Pro and Contra” installation was interesting at all.

  3. Fabian Sax Says:

    Hey, herzlichen Glückwunsch! Finde ich wirklich klasse.
    Auf dass das jetzt erst der Anfang war :-)

  4. today and tomorrow - pieter Says:

    Danke. Mal schauen wo es so hinführt.

  5. Fleak Says:

    Du hast echt Glück mit dem Wetter. Hamburg so zu erleben passiert nicht vielen Besuchern.
    Oft wird auf denen dann solange eingeredet bis sie zumindest so tun als ob sie eine Ahnung
    haben wie die unsere Stadt bei Sonne aussehen kann.


  6. spanier Says:

    my pleasure. come back as soon as you want. mi casa es su casa for the next time.

    nice pics!

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