Google Maps Typography

April 22nd, 2009

It took Rhett Dashwood several months to find the complete alphabet in Google Maps. You can find links to every single letter on his website. Very impressive!

Google Maps Typography by Rhett Dashwood

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  2. spanier Says:

    es gab schon länger so ein alfabet und mann konnte ganze nachrichten verschicken… ich finde die seite aber nicht mehr!

  3. today and tomorrow - pieter Says:

    mit google maps bilder?
    es gibt ja massen weise solche online tools

  4. Пресата» Blog Archive » The Accidental Typography of Google Maps [Google Maps] Says:

    […] Mr Dashwood spent months gathering all the letters of the alphabet, accumulating a collection that ranges from passable to perfect. These letters were spotted in Victoria, Australia, but the concept would work anywhere—if its citizens have the time and dedication to find it, then any country, state or city can have its own regional Google Maps font. [RhettDashwood via TodayandTomorrow] […]

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    […] Google Maps is some things: It’s a rabble-rouser; a penis repository; a rare physics phenomenon; not to name a accumulation of deer carnage and terrifying Americana. Now, with this guy’s help, it’s also a identify foundry. Mr Dashwood spent months assembling every the letters of the alphabet, accumulating a assemblage that ranges from passable to perfect. These letters were patterned in Victoria, Australia, but the construct would impact anywhere—if its citizens hit the instance and substance to encounter it, then some country, land or municipality crapper hit its possess regional Google Maps font. [RhettDashwood via TodayandTomorrow] […]

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  9. Grapplica Says:

    Similar project > AUF is a student-project. It maps an alphabet of letters found in the forms of buildings screenshot on GoogleMaps:

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  11. michi Says:

    @ spanier: meinst du vielleicht das hier?

  12. Porcus Wallanee Says:

    This alphabet needs a new “Q”.

  13. Doctor Doobies Says:

    Hey, i was just wondering. What is the last picture? The one after Z. some sorta mountain range or someting?

  14. Amy Says:

    Some letters from around the world can be found on:
    This lets you send a message to your friends spelled out in Google Maps lettering.

    — Amy from Whoa Its My Life

  15. The Real Randini Says:

    Is it just me? Or do you remember a time when you had soooo much time on your hands? lol

  16. Will Says:

    haha cool concept i want to get my own google earth font:)

  17. Meghan Says:

    Oh, this is great, sharp eye, great mind, lots of time. Awesome results.

  18. Valerie Says:

    Wow – this must have taken forever! Neat!

  19. raj Says:

    great post and nice search really like it i m died hard fan of google

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  21. Gaurav Kasera Says:

    Hey realy a nice google images before i can’t imagine this type but now i’s real good.

  22. d Says:

    These were published today, in the HeraldSun newspaper. A local favorite in Victoria, Australia.

  23. anonymous Says:

    Someone must have been really bored.

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  25. John Ecko Says:

    Very cool. There’s always something to be found when one knows what they’re looking for. Well done Rhett.


  26. moose Says:

    Theres the worlds largest M in plattville wi usa he should have used that instead for the M

  27. skateboard bearings guy Says:

    haha this is cool, i use Google Earth all the time to find skateparks around town. you could probably find a couple good S’s out of snake runs or O’s out of the bowls of a skatepark.

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  29. the presence Says:

    Good Job

  30. m Says:

    what is the “t” supposed to be?

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  32. Glitter Says:

    this looks wonderful!!

  33. Zell Faze Says:

    That is incredible.

  34. chilakilez Says:

    some people do have an incredible amount of free time in their hands…

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  36. roger collette Says:


  37. Gaurav Kumar Says:

    Here is the link to a the view of INFOSYS campus in Mysore, India whose buildings are shaped so as to spell out the company’s name. Might not compete with the natural wonders shown above but looks real nice:,76.595145&spn=0.007692,0.01369&t=h&z=17


  38. Matthew Says:

    I would actually like to see these fonts as a pack to install. That would be awesome for photoshop.

  39. Rob Wallace Says:

    VERYyyyyyy Cool, I’m cuttin’ it up, make hi-rez masters then import at will.

  40. Phaoloo Says:

    Nice collection :), you should title this post: Google Map Alphabet

  41. Keith Says:

    WOW, this is pretty neat, must have taken a long time to find all of these, good work!

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