Citroën Karin

April 23rd, 2009

I’m a little disappointed with car design lately, I haven’t seen anything new that I found interesting. Why don’t we see anything like the Citroën Karin, a concept car designed by Trevor Fiore in 1980, anymore? Just keep it simple.

Citroën Karin

Citroën Karin

Citroën Karin

found in Ben Pearce his Flickr stream

14 Responses to “Citroën Karin”

  1. Knondotts Says:

    Agreed! I would buy this car in a heartbeat. I want to drive this now!

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  3. simon Says:

    wow! very nice – compare the KTM-X bow superlight > it looks like Citroen Karin but after a crash.

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  6. DiPi Says:

    very nice..but where is KARIN? hahhaaha

  7. Bernhard Häussner Says:

    Could be a bleeding edge “Öko-Car” too ;)

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  9. JD Says:

    I remember this in Road & Track when I was a kid. Citroen styling sorta lost its balls after the XM. Citroen decided not to take us into the future anymore.

    One bright spot was the recent Lancia Fulvia concept. It payed proper homage to the past while being properly modern, attractive and Italian.

  10. tolas Says:

    o.o I want to model it now

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  12. Multimedia Design Says:

    Europe has always had the edge on design.

  13. Steve Says:

    Meh. Just not my style I guess.

  14. BarryM Says:

    A design concept carried to its extremes. Full credit for trying, but from a practical standpoint, could you imagine driving this every day? Climbing over seats each time to drive? Imagine getting into this car in the rain .. you’d have several liters in the car before you close the door (I assume the ope upward like a gull-wing).

    Still, I would welcome Citroën pushing automobile design again. Renault did to Citroën as GM (later) did to SAAB.

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