Sometimes It Snows In April

May 5th, 2009

“Sometimes It Snows In April” by David Foster Nass, he definitely didn’t take this photo this year.

Sometimes It Snows In April by David Foster Nass

4 Responses to “Sometimes It Snows In April”

  1. Matt Says:

    Looks like it was taken in Hamburg at the ‘Dom’…. and knowing Hamburgs notoriously bad weather it is quite possible that it was taken this year……it’s almost snowing here now as I type….

    Damn, where the hell has the summer gone?

    P.S keep up the great work… your blog is fantastic.

  2. Bernhard Häussner Says:

    It’s taken on 5.12.2008, see the flickr page of this shot ( )
    And it is tagged with DOM and Hamburg, so Matt you’re right ;)
    (Not really good weather here too. )

  3. pieter | today and tomorrow Says:

    @Bernhard: Doesn’t that just mean that he uploaded it to Flickr on that date and that it was on SEEN.BY in Dezember of last year? Isn’t that fair in Hamburg around April anyway?

  4. Matt Says:

    The fair definitely runs during April, I saw the Carnies packing up it’s machines and rolling out of town about a week ago…thank God. Actually my girlfriend used to live opposite it…it was a kinda sideshow nightmare going to sleep every night… flashing lights, candy floss smells and blood curdling screams from the “Achterbahn”…. come to think of it, the first night she and I met we rode that roller coaster..

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