May 11th, 2009

Toyscapes by Alin Dragulin.

Toyscapes by Alin Dragulin

Toyscapes by Alin Dragulin

4 Responses to “Toyscapes”

  1. matt crookshank Says:

    wow, how many people have to bite toni hafkenscheid before its played out?

  2. pieter | today and tomorrow Says:

    If it’s up to me, an other 1000000 people may take beautiful photos. Even if they’re tilt-shifted.

  3. :::Media-Digest » Blog Archive » Alin Dragulin - Toyscapes Says:

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  4. Aaron Says:

    @matt crookshank, does it really matter that people are inspired by this technique. No doubt someone different will come out of it. I say enjoy maybe get involved you never know might have a little something called fun?!

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