Dispatchwork Berlin by Jan Vormann

May 19th, 2009

Dispatchwork is project by Jan Vormann where he fills up holes in walls with Lego bricks. He did this before in Bocchignano, a village close to Rome, and Tel Aviv. This time he did in Berlin, where he and many spontaneous helpers filled World War II bullet holes at a building of Humbold University. You can find some other patched walls around town too.
He also has a exhibition at the Jarmuschek + Partner gallery in Berlin till June 13th.

Photos by Kathleen Waak.

Dispatchwork Berlin by Jan Vormann

Dispatchwork Berlin by Jan Vormann

Dispatchwork Berlin by Jan Vormann

Dispatchwork Berlin by Jan Vormann

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  8. William Rossoto Says:

    Great juxtaposition, and love the contrast.

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  10. Kristina Says:

    I think he should start using the tiny ones and combine them with the fancy legos that are used to make pirate ships, spaceships, and extremely elaborate castles… maybe attach little men too!

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