Lights On

May 19th, 2009

The ARS Electronica Center in Linz, Austria, has quite an impressive facade. It is actually a huge display, 1085 windows are equiped with fully controllable LED’s.
“Lights On” is an audio visual performance, the visual programming with openFrameworks was done by Zachary Lieberman, Joel Gethin Lewis and Damian Stewart. Daito Manabe did the music with support from Taeji Sawai and Kyoko Koyama. The colors of the LED’s changed in realtime to the music that was broadcasted on speakers surrounding the building. They recorded the output, both the music and LED animation for later replay.

found at swissmiss

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  1. Erdem Says:

    programming working fixtures is not a big deal…the real job is installing addressing and making those fixtures work.I congratulate harware engineers and workers in this project, not the software artists.

  2. zach Says:

    erdem — you’ve made that (decent) point now here, on vimeo and FFF :) I’ve responded on the vimeo page.

    thanks t&t for posting !

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