Real Time

May 20th, 2009

During the Milan furniture fair, Maarten Baas presented his latest project called “Real Time”. He made 3 clocks, actually he made 3 movies, which are each 12 hours long. For the first one “Grandfather Clock”, he filmed a man drawing the hands of clock during 12 hours. This is also the only clock for which he made an object: a standing clock with a screen displaying the video. It gives you the impression that there is someone inside. The second one, called “Sweeper Clock”, shows you 2 actors wiping garbage 12 hours long. The garbage forms the hands of the clock. In the third one, the “Digital Analoge Clock”, you can see an actor painting the segments of a digital clock black and wiping them clean again.
He sells a a limited number of the videos on external hard drives and 3 pieced of the Grandfather Clock.

At the end you can find a video of interview with Maarten Baas where explains it a little more and where you can see some more footage of the clocks.

Grandfather Clock by Maarten Baas

Grandfather Clock by Maarten Baas

Sweeper Clock by Maarten Baas

Digital Analog Clock by Maarten Baas

Digital Analog Clock by Maarten Baas

found via @marcusfairs

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