Escape Artist

May 25th, 2009

“Escape Artist” is a series of self-portraits by Sam Taylor-Wood.

Escape Artist by Sam Taylor-Wood

Escape Artist by Sam Taylor-Wood

Escape Artist by Sam Taylor-Wood

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  1. Good News! « Dystimulation Says:

    […] The above pic is by London’s conceptual artist Sam Taylor-Wood. The series of self-portraits is called Escape Artist. You can check more of them out here […]

  2. Sam Tayler-Wood, Escape Artist « MRod says: Says:

    […] Tayler-Wood’s self-portrait series “Escape Artist” reminds me of the recently mentioned piece here by Daniel […]

  3. raafi Says:

    balloons are quickly becoming a design cliché.

  4. Sam Taylor-Wood | shu and joe Says:

    […] Sam Taylor-Wood’s Escape Artist series in my rss today, and got thinking about how she produces these impossible portraits. It appears the London […]

  5. Murfins and Burgalinks « Murfins and Burglars Says:

    […] to Tiffany Z at Heist Jewlery for sharing pics from this awesome series from photog Sam Taylor-Wood entitled “Escape Artist.”¬† It is very cool, and reminds me […]

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