Animated GIF Aesthetics

May 28th, 2009

Come on creatives, I’m still waiting to see this typical animated GIF aesthetics to be used in some commercial work. You know that you can’t do another augmented reality thingy anymore.


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  1. Hypothete Says:

    As an aspiring undergrad in studio art I couldn’t agree more. GIFs have been around for over 20 years and yet they go unappreciated in the realm of digital art.

    Kevin Bewersdorf is one artist that seems to be exhibiting that uses GIFs. His website ( seems to be having issues right now, however Art Fag City has a decent writeup and a couple images. Here’s the article:

    Along these lines, I’d like to throw these questions out to the ether: what methods would you choose for displaying a GIF in a gallery setting? Are flat screen monitors on the wall or big CRTs necessarily the best way to go? GIFs seem so personal and in-your-face that hanging them like a painting would perhaps destroy that invasion of personal space. Maybe big projections?

    Anyway, thanks for the awesome website and I hope that the link works for you soon.

  2. kamah Says:

    here is a typical old timer animated gif website which confirm Hypothete’s point of view, when he says”unappreciated” .
    But you’re right to wich a revival, checkout4pizza for exemple.

  3. pieter | today and tomorrow Says:

    @Hypothete I would like so see as much animated gifs at once.

    @kamah I’m a fan of out_4_pizza too

  4. 3k- Says:

    well, if you find anim gifs unappreciated, check this:

    cheers from Hungary! d:)

  5. Jay-Z Says:

    time to change up….

  6. BSmile Says:

    Or check these out:

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