Happiness in Business

June 4th, 2009

This Venn Diagram – Happiness in Business by Bud Caddell sums it up perfectly.
The quest for HOORAY! continues.

Venn Diagram - Happiness in Business by Bud Caddell

found at NoMoreSleep Blog

4 Responses to “Happiness in Business”

  1. Michaela Says:

    terrific! and inspiring!

  2. How to be happy in business | dv8-designs Says:

    […] Bud Caddell summarizes how to be happy with your work in the form of a Venn diagram consisting of three main overlapping areas: What We Do Well, What We Want to Do, and What We Can Be Paid to Do. (via today and tomorrow) […]

  3. Meng Weng Wong Says:

    I like how you put exhortations in the intersections … my version from a few years back just emphasized the demographic consequences.


    great stuff!

  4. VinĀ¢ Says:

    Only applies to people whose “Want to Do” and “Do Well” categories are mutually exclusive.

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