June 9th, 2009

Transparency is very nice set of photos by Khristian Mendoza.

Transparency by Khristian Mendoza

Transparency by Khristian Mendoza

Transparency by Khristian Mendoza

Transparency by Khristian Mendoza

found at BOOOOOOOM!

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  2. Mark Says:

    reminds me of We Are Wolves music video for “Coconut Night”.

  3. Fonda LaShay Says:

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  5. Transparency | The Printed Matter Says:

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  6. jessie Says:

    how did you do this?

  7. Easy Trick Says:

    It’s simple: Take two photos on a tripod. One of the background, then have the model step into the shot and take the second. Edit them together, erase where you want “transparency”, and done.

  8. Not really interesteing Says:

    I keep running into this pictures via They seem so simple and obvious not to mention hipster. I cant stand how the person positions themselves dead center in the picture. Hiding their face hipster white shoes side by side. Its so obvious it falls into that ironic category. I’m so sick of anything ironic or hipster…. If you know how to work with more than one layer in photoshop, and how to take two pictures with a tripod you can do this uninteresting trick too.

  9. John Says:

    I’m pretty sure you can find all those shapes you see in the default stamp set for photoshop…

  10. jebbie Says:

    why would you post this?

  11. Kurt Says:

    Superb concept

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