One Night In Beijing

June 16th, 2009

One Night In Beijing” is a video shot by Dan Chung, a photographer of the Guardian. He bought a Canon EOS5DmkII DSLR camera, to use it only as a video camera with Nikon and Zeiss lenses. Between picking up the camera at a camera store and editing, were only 12 hours. The result is stunning!
Most of the recent DSLR camera can record video, but you have to remember that you’ll probably have to focus manually. And yes, good lenses are important too and aren’t really cheap. I’m curious to see where this all will be heading. Will the body shape of DSLR cameras change toward those of video cameras. or the other way around?
As we look a most photos on screens, there is no reason any more for them to be stills only. I really enjoy watching short portrait clips, they can tell you more about a person than a still. Of course, a good photo will always have its value.
Make sure to check out some of Dan’s other videos.

Damn, I would like to have a DSLR, is there anyone at Nikon or Canon up for a barter deal?

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4 Responses to “One Night In Beijing”

  1. Eric Says:

    I definitely will go for Nikon due to its sharp images!

  2. Fleak Says:

    I plan to by the Lumix GH1 exactly for the same reason.
    Very interessting Question: how will this affect the shape of future cameras.

    Well if I havd more money I always would go for Nikon btw.

  3. pieter | today and tomorrow Says:

    @Fleak: That Lumix camera is for sure a nice piece of equipment.

  4. “One Night in Beijing” - Video Made in 12 Hours with DSLR Camera - Says:

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