The Human Printer

June 29th, 2009

The Human Printer is a group of people who print photos in CMYK or B&W by hand! By hand I say!

The Human Printer

The Human Printer

The Human Printer

The Human Printer

found at diskursdisko

13 Responses to “The Human Printer”

  1. pista Says:

    oh that must be tough, but I think it is so perfect nobody can spot the difference.

  2. Ponoko Blog Says:

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  3. Kreativlink Says:

    Gosh! I wish I’d have a bit of the patience that’s neede there …

  4. kongchi Says:

    useless, just arts.

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  6. Kelly Says:

    get a life

  7. » The Human Printer. Says:

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  8. dreinavarro Says:

    that’s amazing!

  9. thaz Says:


  10. The Human Printer – Amazing! | bumbumbum Says:

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  11. tim Says:

    umm… Why? isnt this why we have printers?

  12. Bilbo Says:

    Absolutely pointless. I would cut my own throat after a day of this.

  13. Aurora Says:

    wow! cool, but so much work!

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