Balcon II

June 30th, 2009

I found this one in the comments for “Tim Walker for Hermès“. Philippe Ramette made this photograph called “Balcon II” in Hong-Kong in 2001. There is some discussion going on if Tim Walker copied Philippe Ramette …
I just like both photographs.

Balcon II by Philippe Ramette

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  1. Tim Walker for Hermès - today and tomorrow Says:

    […] EDIT 30.06.2009 14:32 Some commenters pointed out that Tim Walker might have been inspired by the work of Philippe Ramette. To be more precise, by this photo called Balcon II (Hong-Kong),2001. […]

  2. in such a world – Philippe Ramette, Balcon II Says:

    […] this interesting photograph on a grey Tuesday.  Philippe Ramette: “Balcon II,” 2001. (Found here, where you can see it in a larger […]

  3. Andrea Says:

    I had posted the Tim Walker photo, too, and a commenter also brought Ramette to my attention:

    Wonder if it was the same masked avenger :)

    PS: Your site is one of my favorites. I re-blog you all the time!

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  5. Balcon Photography | I Heart Pluto Says:

    […] Zwei unterschiedliche Fotografen, zwei ähnliche Fotos. Egal wer wen kopiert hat, beide sind absolut spitze. Bild 1 stammt von Philippe Ramette, Bild 2 von Tim Walker (letzteres dürfte den meisten bekannt sein). (via) […]

  6. fashion zar Says:

    well tim may or may not know the work. philipps work was first. so actually he gets more credit in my book.
    tims work is empty trying to be something. most fashion work is. Philipps work comes from a very different place. I guess you would have to be blind not to see that. but that said they are not the same picture. that is why it is not a copy. but an empty fashion version of an art project.

  7. Starred Inspiration #2 | Cementum Says:

    […] Balcon II […]

  8. Zach Says:

    this exhibit was at the MAMCO in geneva last year. the pictures were awesome. there are a couple floating around online but this was the best i could find:

  9. Photo Of The Day | The Printed Matter Says:

    […] Balcon II via today and tomorrow. […]

  10. robb Says:

    this is beautiful !!
    i guess it’s possible to shoot (without editing at all) but that’s gonna be one hell of a job for the model.

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  12. Casey Says:

    I love the picture, very disorientating. The only thing that bugs me about it is that since the picture is taken 45 degrees off angle to make it look like he is just walking out of the ocean and we are off axis, but his jacket is still using our gravity. I love the picture, but my analness of random details kills things for me. haha

  13. Ryan Riegner Says:

    wow, what a brilliant concept. Hard to believe that’s even real! great job Philippe!

  14. Arcane Says:

    Agree with Casey. Even if they do fail at angles. 90 degrees*

  15. james w Says:

    i love this photo, coolto see people actually making photos instead of photoshopping.

  16. KARMA Says:

    That’s pretty cool.

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