July 7th, 2009

This photo was on the cover of the December issue of Dazed&Confused. It was part of the editorial shot by Daniel Sannwald, Valentina D’Ettorre of Happy Finish was responsible for the retouching.

Smile by Daniel Sannwald

And as a bonus, here is John Paul Thurlow‘s version of it.

John Paul Thurlow

6 Responses to “Smile”

  1. graeme Says:

    Why are these drawings so feted? Really, they’re not very good – a vapid subject, poorly executed. Christ it’s depressing

  2. John Paul Thurlow Says:

    sorry to hear you’re depressed by the reaction to my work… perhaps you’d care to give me some pointers Graeme… I’m always open to constructive criticism.

  3. graeme Says:

    well, I’m sorry John, of course it feels like I’m only sniping – but it just feels vacuous to me. You’re obviously ok at drawing so why spend your time drawing magazines. It’s faddy and the sort of thing Hoxtonites lap up, a noise is generated and then it goes quiet when the next thing comes along. Doesn’t it make you depressed?

  4. John Paul Thurlow Says:

    Hi Graeme, I really do welcome your challenge and I’ll do my best to answer your question…

    Firstly I think it’s a little too easy to dismiss magazine covers as a ‘vapid subject’. Although formulaic they are not so easy to produce. I genuinely do admire the men and women who are involved in their production. Many people believe magazines are a dyeing format… I’m not sure I believe that… but I certainly would lament their passing.

    Secondly for me the magazines are just a beginning point. I add to them, I twist them I project my reactions onto them. I don’t feel the need to justify these decisions… this is a very personal thing. It is a form of autobiography.

    Perhaps, simply, what you find vacuous I find inspiring and exciting.

    I certainly do care about improving my technique… although I do not feel it is essential for me to achieve perfection in this instance.. for me the idea works better if it is imperfect – fucked up somehow.

    As for you your final question. You could not be aware of it’s irony. I have been depressed. Not a bit down. I mean properly depressed and Covers has been part of my recovery… so I can reply honestly, from the heart… No! doing this makes me happy :) and if I am a mere fad I really don’t care. First and foremost I’m doing this for my own well being.

    If you’d like to continue this discussion please feel free to contact me directly through my blog.

  5. pieter | today and tomorrow Says:

    I’m a fan

    I think John isn’t the first one who replicates something from pop culture and adds his own thing to it. There are emough good examples out there.

  6. Daniel Sannwald for Dazed & Confused | bumbumbum Says:

    […] today and tomorrow […]

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