SCR by tha ltd.

July 8th, 2009

tha ltd. has just launched a new website for SCR, its creative label intended to serve as a platform for artworks and projects emerging from the recent digital/network media movements. They produce, develop, and sell various interactive art / software / motion-based projects. You might remember their Dropclock screensaver from last year.
Beside the relaunch, they also added 6 new pieces. 4 of them are made by Brendan Dawes, Delaware, Andreas Müller and Theodore Watson, the other 2, which I like best, by tha ltd. themselves.

MUG SHOOTER by tha ltd.

MUG SHOOTER is a screensaver that takes a unique mug shot of you and shares it to the world. A special camera that uses the automatic face recognition system morphs your facial expressions as you move parts of your face. Play around, have fun, and post a unique mug shot of yourself! (Please note, this screensaver displays the 50 most recent posts only, and old images will be automatically deleted. Your posts will be displayed for a limited time of around 1 ~ 10 days.)

Mug Shooter by tha ltd

Mug Shooter by tha ltd

Mug Shooter by tha ltd

CRASHCLOCK by tha ltd.

CRASHCLOCK is a screensaver that depicts the destruction of 4 truss structures falling vertically against the ground in slow motion.

This project is based on a project “CRASH” which was created for an exhibition called “bones” directed by Shunji Yamanaka at the 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT.

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