4 Years of Today and Tomorrow

July 21st, 2009

Today is the 4th birthday of Today and Tomorrow. I don’t really want to look back, it’s today afterall. All I can say it’s been a very nice experience so far, 2804 posts and counting.
What about tomorrow? Yeah, some upgrades/updates are long overdue. Time is not my best friend.

What could be better content for Today and Tomorrow than a concept car from yesterday? Actually the BMW GINA concept car debuted last year. Its shape is not revolutionary, but its skin design is. Just watch this new video.

18 Responses to “4 Years of Today and Tomorrow”

  1. Jeriko Says:

    Grats on your first four years, looking forward for more stuff from you!

  2. fabian Says:

    […] Ihr könnt mir sagen was ihr wollt, […]

  3. mersenne Says:

    love today and tomorrow! i think it’s my first comment but i’ve been reblogging & sharing your stuff more than anyone elses. keep it up!

  4. mo Says:

    gratulamur tibi 2day+2morrow!!

  5. cabrizette Says:

    Happy 4th birthday blog !!! One of my favorit… Thanks

  6. Luke Riggall Says:

    I did a research project on cars of the future and this was a very interesting subject.
    This BMW Car is simply amazing!

  7. Justus Says:

    happy birthday today
    and good luck tomorrow!

  8. costas voyatzis Says:

    Mr.Pieter HAPPY BIRTHDAY….. to your 4 year old baby!!

  9. pieter | today and tomorrow Says:

    @all thanks!!!

  10. hec Says:

    there is just one today but there are more tomorrows than yesterdays!!!!!
    happy blogday!

  11. Carpeta sin título Says:

    Best blog on planet internet. By far.

    Happy bday!

  12. Bruno Coelho Says:

    Parabéns! (Happy birthday, in Portuguese)

    One of my favorite blogs. :)

  13. Red Says:

    Happy 4th year!

  14. BMW Concept Car: GINA | Feingut Says:

    […] (Vimeo DirektGINA, via today and tomorrow) […]

  15. Alex Says:

    Congratulations to my favoriter art/design blog! happy 4th year!!

  16. Pietel Says:


  17. pieter | today and tomorrow Says:

    @all thanks again
    today and tomorrow wouldn’t exist if there weren’t all these excellent content creators out there, so a big thank you to them too.

  18. Stefan Says:

    couple days late, but happy to see t&t’s continual growth. respect.

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