July 23rd, 2009

Rhonda is a 3D drawing tool like no other, the first when I saw it a few years ago I was immediately blown away. Amit Pitaru developed this amazing piece of software around 2003. Around that time he was collaborating with James Paterson, their project was called InsertSilince. In this video you can see James drawing using Rhonda with his unique style.
So it’s very nice to hear that the development of Rhonda will continue with the help of Zach Lieberman (openFrameworks) and Zach Gage (synthpond).

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  2. yair Says:

    reminded me of the java wonder, Teddy

    love this blog

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  6. Shelley Noble Says:

    This is mind-blowing. I’m really glad to know this is being further developed. Thanks for posting about it.

  7. atom21 Says:

    let’s search the “SONIC WIRE SCULPTORE” by Amit Pitaru.

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  10. . Says:

    Amazing work. I remember the mentioned project was a real push on web interaction art.

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  12. Sam Whiteman Says:

    could someone let me know what this song is? if you could tweet @blanchomme that would be great

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  14. TickleMeCthulhu Says:

    Started playing around w/Rhonda today- how do you save the projects? I was using ALT+S, as per the help instructions, to save some drawings I had done, but then found that they were being saved as TIFFS. Is there any way to save the 3D file?

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  18. pablo Says:

    Where can I find the program to try it out?

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