Treat Me Like Your Mother

July 28th, 2009

A. this is not my kind of music. B. I don’t like weapons. But this music video for “Treat Me Like Your Mother” by The Death Weather is … damn hot.

3 Responses to “Treat Me Like Your Mother”

  1. Tuan Says:

    goddam fantastic! concept, pacing, execution are top notch.

  2. SUNfiltered : Fresh culture daily. » Blog Archive » SUNfiltered music videos Says:

    […] An aggressive video for “Treat Me Like Your Mother” by The Dead Weather (comprised of Alison Mosshart, Jack […]

  3. aaron Says:

    Meh i have to say i didn’t think the video was that great. yea it had sex appeal, but the most interesting sections for me was the walking, that was sexy. The whole gun montage sections were to me kind of dumb. I didnt really feel so much of a purpose or motive for the actions.. neither something that warranted a good ending. the compositioning was just as any good music video direction. Visually it wasn’t that stunning. Had a great terminator 1/2 feel to it, but again, nothing to write home about. Nice song though.

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