Bless N° 37 New Sheheit

July 31st, 2009

New Sheheit is the latest collection by Bless. One part of it, is a collaboration with the sportswearbrand OXBOW. They designed 3 new versions of the Skolpen, a classic knitted ski pullover from the 80´s.

The black & white Skolpen
It shows a black and white mountain motive, partly garnished with embroidered silver chesspattern elements.

The black & white Skolpen - Bless N° 37 New Sheheit

The 3D Skolpen
A 3D anaglyph mountain motive is translated into knitwear. the 3D effect can be seen while wearing the common red-green glasses.

The 3D Skolpen - Bless N° 37 New Sheheit

The mixed skolpen
Some sort of a swiss knife of ultimate top gear for the perfect winter day: a knitted base that contains different layers, a detachable and yet a bit everywhere fixable scarf, roll-down nylon sleeves and hood, pockets and windbreaking backparts in a wild pattern mix that ensures a good visibility of the skier that wears this piece.

The mixed skolpen - Bless N° 37 New Sheheit

Bless N° 37 New Sheheit

10 Responses to “Bless N° 37 New Sheheit”

  1. Alyse Says:

    The original idea for “New Sheheit” the collection name, is from Wendy&Jim “New Shit” a spring/summer 2007 collection. Bless is notorious in the fashion world for “knocking off” ideas & it’s getting a little old. Still waiting to see an original idea from Bless…

    In the meantime, to check out Wendy&Jim

    Their fresh ideas are very clearly and cleanly expressed, and the label is one of my favorites. The naming of collections is always interesting. “New Shit” was a cool idea when it was new, and I had always wanted one of their New Shit t-shirts. Also very cool is the name of their new denim line, New H Denim. NewH instead of New Age, simple

  2. pieter | today and tomorrow Says:

    You know that the collection of Bless is for al 3 genders … She He It?
    I can’t see any resemblance to Wendy&Jim …

  3. ornament and crime Says:

    Hipster shite.

  4. Alyse Says:

    I was not referring to the collection itself, but to the idea of how they named the collection (which I think is still an important part of the collection).

    If the “idea” was Sheheit and not a derivative of New Shit, then why the name “New Sheheit” and not just “Sheheit” or some other clever name like Holy Sheheit?

    Their explanation as posted on their website:
    “What could be read fast as “new shit” is with a closer look aswell the definition of the eternal Bless way: the pronounced unimportance of gender difference.
    Bless clothes fit as always according to everyones need to all 3 genders, including things.”

    Following that logic I could name a new design blog and claim it as an original idea.

    also finding the reference to a third gender as a little odd and unprogressive.

    best of luck to Bless

  5. Judith Says:

    Alyse, it´s an interesting aspect you´re coming up with.

    But honestly, it´s really hard for me to see the strong connection you´re placing emphasis on.
    I know and adore both labels and both collections. Each is great, unique and strong.

    But it´s pretty obvious that we see two different labels with completely different orientations, target groups and markets. And two different collection names.
    Apart from that, “New Shit” is very zeitgeist, but in no case an extraordinary neologism.

    When i first saw the “New Sheheit” collection and press text, i spent not one single thought about the -maybe mistakable – introductory phrase, but completely got the collection´s conclusion: “the pronounced unimportance of gender difference”.

    So maybe, a little bit more trust into the intelligence and awareness of writers, clients and end customers might be helpful.
    From an objective, impartial point of view, there´s a big difference between “New Shit” and “New Sheheit”.

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  8. Chilligan Says:

    What is that I’m looking at. The sweaters are one thing, but damn… what’s up with the slacks man?

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  10. Chris Says:

    There is only one thing I hate about BLESS it is their PRICE POINT.

    Why so high?
    Is it made by virgin princesses in ivory towered sweat shops?
    Or is it sewed with the silky golden threaded tears of “she-he-it”-maids that live by the golden sea?

    Hilariously high prices great gear……………..

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