Burning Car

August 13th, 2009

Burning Car by SUPERFLEX is an 10 minute long film of a car burning. The detail shots of the car-paint coming off are amazing. The sound is a nice extra too. (BTW, press the HQ button when you watch the video.)

Burning Car by SUPERFLEX

Burning Car by SUPERFLEX

Burning Car by SUPERFLEX

3 Responses to “Burning Car”

  1. Das Kraftfuttermischwerk » Video eines brennenden Benz’ Says:

    […] (Direktlink, via today and tomorrow) […]

  2. spanier Says:

    this is so horrible! milions of car should burn but not this! its one of the best cars ever build… fuck!

    superflex should keep doing lemonade (guarana power) not burning nice cars. haha.

  3. Adriana Says:

    Cool site to see. But I was imagining if I was in it. Awful image and feeling. Nice job on that though.

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