August 19th, 2009

FLAMMA by Helmut Smits is a set of 8 different IKEA products with which you can start a fire. Did you know that IKEA doesn’t sell any lighters or matches.

FLAMMA by Helmut Smits

FLAMMA by Helmut Smits

FLAMMA by Helmut Smits

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  5. Dream here Says:

    […] FLAMMA Probably we’ve all heard of IKEA hacking, the FLAMMA project (by Helmut Smits, movie here) takes this one step further. By carefully selecting several items from IKEA it is able to create a campfire. The interesting thing about this is that IKEA does not offer any means to create fire (i.e. not selling lighters or matches), but by creatively combining IKEA products it is possible to create fire. This shows that when IKEA is seen as a “building block provider”, very unexpected things could happen. It also confirms that people have a tendency to use products in alternative (inappropriate) ways, which is something to be aware of when designing in the DiY bubble. […]

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