September 23rd, 2009

PUSH N900 is a competion organised by Nokia to promote it’s new N900 smartphone. Everyone is invited to come up with projects how you could hack or mod the N900 and its open-source Maemo operating system. You have to submit your idea by October 11th, a jury will then decide who will get a N900, funding and support to make them real.
Hyper and Tinker it! were asked to develop some sample projects. They decided to use 4 objects from the 80’s: the Viewmaster, the Rolodex, an FM Radio and the Speak & Spell.

Now in 3D!

They’ve fitted a N900 inside a Viewmaster, when you move the Viewmaster to the left or the right a switch is triggered. The signal is then passed on through an arduino board and a bluetooth signal to the N900. The camera of the N900 takes now 2 images, a few centimeters apart. The two images are colored red and blue and superimposed and displayed on the screen of the N900, so when you look through the Viewmaster you’ll see a 3D image.

PUSH N900 - Now in 3D!

PUSH N900 - Now in 3D!

Talk & Text

A Nokia N900 and an Arduino are hidden inside a Speak & Spell. The keys are connected to the arduino which sends the signals over bluetooth to the N900. So you can write and send a text message using a Speak & Spell.

PUSH N900 - Talk & Text

PUSH N900 - Talk & Text

PUSH N900 - Talk & Text

Leave a Message

An Arduino connected to the Rolodex detects the position of the wheel and sends that information over bluetooth to the N900. Each position indicates a specific contact. Without touching your N900, you bring up the contact you need to the screen of the N900.

PUSH N900 - Leave a Message

Phone FM

You can send a text message to your phone and it will read the artist’s name and send that information to last.fm. MP3’s will start streaming and the cover art will appear on the screen. The N900 has a build-in FM transmitter, the signal will be picked up by any radio nearby when it’s set to the right station.

PUSH N900 - Phone FM

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