The color of art is #A79F94

September 26th, 2009

“The color of art is #A79F94” by Joshua T. Nimoy. He calculated the average color from more than 26,000 images in the MoMa art collection.

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  2. Matt Convente Says:

    Very neat, but how do you calculate an average color?

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  4. Color del arte « Says:

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  5. Artie Vierkant Says:

    Jesse Harding, A Numerical Average of Style (2008)
    The average color of five websites is assessed by averaging every color on the sites’ various stylesheets.

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  7. ryan Says:

    So the goal of art now is to perform mathematical programming parlor tricks. Bleeh.

  8. roo Says:

    wouldn’t it be more accurate to say this is the color of *Modern* Art, since the images were all collected from MoMa? the value might be different for say, the Met. or certain time periods throughout history.

  9. pieter | today and tomorrow Says:

    I’m pretty sure that average color of the art at the Met would also be brown, maybe even darker.

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  11. Inspiration Says:

    my favorite color ;]

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  13. Marianne Says:

    yeah… anyway, it’s surely going to be a grey or a brown for any museum ! the simple exercice of mixing all colors… always turns to brown.

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