October 7th, 2009

PhotoSketch is an amazing software developed by five Chinese Computer Science and Technology students. They describe it as an Internet Image Montage program, it composes an image based on a sketch using images found on the internet.
It works like this:


This video explains it even a little more:



6 Responses to “PhotoSketch”

  1. pista Says:

    I would never say I found this hoax-fake here! shame on you!

  2. pieter | today and tomorrow Says:

    hoax? fake? where did you get that idea?

  3. jessica Says:

    i would be shocked if this is real, mainly because it is hard to isolate discreet elements so neatly from photographs.

  4. hansi Says:

    this is new website, and yes, i think it can be done…

  5. PhotoSketch – Sketch 2 Photo « artforotherpeople Says:

    […] Via […]

  6. Marcelo Says:

    is here now

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