Design Academy Eindhoven Bachelors

October 22nd, 2009

I had just a quick look at the 2009 Bachelors of the Design Academy Eindhoven. These 3 projects cought my attention:

Minimal Dress by Digna Kosse

‘May I ask how many costumes she wears out each year?’ ‘My dear sir, the clothing of a lady does not wear out through her wearing of it, but through her being seen in it.’ Richard Steele Our clothes are more quickly discarded as a result of changing fashion than because of wear and tear. The consumption of material by the clothing industry is gigantic as a result. Digna Kosse designed fifteen dresses that are far from voracious consumers of material. She demonstrates that you can minimize these pieces of clothing to a few threads at the most. Minimal Dresses are wispier than wispy, yet they remain feminine dresses with which to make a fashion statement.

Minimal Dress by Digna Kosse
photo by Lisa Klappe

Dimensions by Steie vanVugt

Steie van Vugt made a mirror installation that played with the dimensions of a space: the mirrors pull the space apart like a kaleidoscope and display conflicting images. The installation emphasizes and blurs angles and holes, creating both calmness and complexity. Dimensies gives an empty concrete space a unique finishing touch and lets people reflect on how they experience a space.

Dimensions by Steie vanVugt
photo by Rene van der Hulst

Wastesthetics by Laura Lynn Jansen

Is it possible to elevate waste into a thing of beauty? Laura Lynn Jansen put plastic packaging items into a transparent bag, created a vacuum and discovered that it took on aesthetically attractive forms. This inspired her to make a garbage bag from a stretch material reminiscent of mother of pearl. ‘By being able to see the shapes inside, it becomes a kind of work of art that changes its form every day.’ The bag can be hung in a special frame. Jansen would like to have a weekly plastic collection day introduced on which everyone would hang the bag on their door. ‘A street with a shiny white shape on every house front. On the basis of the bag, you can say something about someone’s identity – something from the inside is shown on the outside.’ She hopes that Wastesthetics will make people aware of how much garbage they produce.

Wastesthetics by Laura Lynn Jansen
photo by Astrid Zuidema

4 Responses to “Design Academy Eindhoven Bachelors”

  1. Lucie Says:

    I don’t really see the point of calling that school a “design” academy. Obviously this is more about art than design. I think it misled the future students about what they are about to learn in that acadmey…

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  4. guy Says:

    Lucie: none of the students are mislead at the Design Academy as to what the will be learning. Those that are probably don’t make it to graduation, its a tough school with a high drop out rate. As to whether its art or design for sure is debatable but its produced in the context of design, and therefore has more influence on the industrial design and future design than than art does.

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