Illuminated Tires

October 23rd, 2009

These illuminated tires were developed by Goodyear in 1961. They’re made from a single piece of synthetic rubber and are brightly lit by bulbs mounted inside the wheel rim. The Goodyear Tire Company intend to produce the tyres in a variety of colours. So they came up with this so that women could adjust their stockings at night?
Anyway, I guess something like this would be any car-tuners dream. According to LIFE magazine this is one of the 30 dumbest inventions. The Cigarette Pack Holder must be the dumbest ever, right before the Venetian Blind Sunglasses, yeah Kanye, really.

Illuminated Tires by Goodyear
(Photo by Douglas Miller/Getty Images)

Illuminated Tires by Goodyear
(Photo by Douglas Miller/Getty Images)

7 Responses to “Illuminated Tires”

  1. William Thirteen Says:

    delightful – from a time when the future still looked bright!

  2. fazi Says:

    This is soooooooo cool I wish I had a ricer GTI that I could put these on.

  3. Last Call- Lite Not So Brite Edition : Hooniverse Says:

    […] source: [,¬†Photo by Douglas Miller/Getty Images] […]

  4. MGsmith Says:

    Before its time, How is this dumb??? come on Goodyear bring it back, its Hot!!

  5. MGsmith Says:

    One more thing, think “TRON”!

  6. Jikome Says:

    This is so cool, Why did they kill it. Fast and the Furious would be looking a whole lot better by now. And to think of increased visibility on roads..

  7. Antonio Says:

    does anyone know what the car model is?

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