Cercle et suite d’éclats

October 27th, 2009

Last summer, Felice Varini did this installation called “Cercle et suite d’éclats” in Vercorin, Switzerland. The scale of this point of view artwork is very impressive.

Cercle et suite d'éclats by Felice Varini

Cercle et suite d'éclats by Felice Varini

Cercle et suite d'éclats by Felice Varini

Cercle et suite d'éclats by Felice Varini

Cercle et suite d'éclats by Felice Varini

Cercle et suite d'éclats by Felice Varini

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  1. web design agency Says:

    wow, super interesting. reminds me of the flags in central park new york. These large scale artistic expressions.

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  7. Luc Says:

    I can tell you, I was there this summer, it really is impressive. Super to see. Incredible how he did it.

  8. leung Says:

    so damn awesome!!

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  14. xpez Says:

    all these people doing this gag down a hallway or bustop or with objects…is SO NOT interesting. it has a a “NEATO- effect” that lasts about a half of an eye-blink.

    Just stop.

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