Kunst Pausen

October 28th, 2009

Erwin Wurm photographed Claudia Schiffer for the November issue of the German Vogue. The spread is called “Kunst Pausen” and these are my favorites images.

Kunst Pausen by Erwin Wurm

Kunst Pausen by Erwin Wurm

Kunst Pausen by Erwin Wurm

Kunst Pausen by Erwin Wurm

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  1. Avelottes Says:

    great find, thank you.
    I reblogged it on balancing tuesday

  2. xFUCKERx – hotzen's daily crap» Blogarchiv » Claudia Schiffer + Erwin Wurm Says:

    […] Wurm hat Claudia Schiffer nämlich fotografiert und das ganze trägt den passenden Namen “Kunst Pausen” […]

  3. Marc Says:

    I’m pretty sure these poses were part of “Toward Participation in Art” at the SF Moma last year. The plastic fruit and the broom were two pieces accompanied with instructions on how you should create the sculpture with them. Particularly, pin them to the wall with your head.


  4. EH Says:

    Looks a lot like this film for Victoria Beckham Collection
    (go to site and pls view filmed called Hide and Seek for Sping/Summer 09)


    or lower resolution on youtube

  5. ninanord Says:

    Great and stylish photos, rare inspiring sense of humor =)

  6. Jake Spurlock Says:

    My favorite Wurm piece is the Can’t Stop music video by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I have watched that video at least 100 times…


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