On Growth and Form

December 15th, 2009

On Growth and Form is an animation by Daniel Brown and it is part of the exhibition Decode: Digital Design Sensations at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. These flowers are generated with Flash actionscript code and look amazing. The petals are have textures derived from works from the museum archive including William Morris textiles and Kimono fabrics.

On Growth and Form by Daniel Brown

On Growth and Form by Daniel Brown

On Growth and Form by Daniel Brown

video by artkidtroy

3 Responses to “On Growth and Form”

  1. The Storialist Says:

    Wow! These are so beautiful!

  2. Troy Mariyanayagam Says:

    They were brilliant! when you look at them in real life they’re so wonderful..

  3. Practically Married | Wedding Inspiration:Digital Art Meets 19th Century Textile Design Says:

    […] disappointed we didn’t actually see this piece by Daniel Brown. Instead, I stumbled across this post on a design blog while searching for a textile design I’d seen at the Museum  by William […]

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