CSD Architecten

December 23rd, 2009

This is the house of Britt Crepain & Stefan Spaens in the center of Antwerp (Belgium). Together with Joep Debie they form CSD Archtecten, so they designed and build their own home themselves. The footprint of the house is only 50 sqm (4 x 12.5 meters) but the have a basement, ground floor, 4 split-levels and a roof terrace. Brit also designed the kitchen, library, wardrobes etc. They really optimized every room, behind the door in the library there’s a toilet. The rooms, the light, the materials, the interior … when can I move in?

CSD Architecten

CSD Architecten

CSD Architecten

CSD Architecten

CSD Architecten

CSD Architecten

CSD Architecten

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  3. mahret Says:

    Ah. I’ve seen the house in summer and really really really liked it. Thanks a lot for the information :)

  4. steve koppelman Says:

    Shame about the garage on the ground level. How inconsiderate to remove a public parking space in order to create a private one and make the streetscape less welcoming.

  5. steve koppelman Says:

    Wow, look at all those floating staircases without handrails on either side on the lower levels. The poorly-anchored guardrails with what look like 60cm open sections are very nice, too.

    It’s a lovely piece of sculpture, but I’d be terrified of having any children there. Or elderly people. Or even slightly drunk people. Or sleepy people. Or poorly coordinated people, blind people, people on crutches, people who like to dance, people who walk around without shoes, people who wear high-heeled shoes.

    It’s a nice sculptural exercise and a ridiculous building.

  6. CSD architecten Says:

    Safety nets will be installed beginning of this year.

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  8. cat Says:

    i’m afraid i would drop from it .

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  10. jane Says:

    Ridiculous student piece for portfolio not for the living.

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