Night Lights

January 6th, 2010

Night Lights is the most amazing interactive projection on a building I have ever seen. YesYesNo were asked to turn the Auckland Ferry Building into an interactive playground for the viewers. There were 3 different types of interaction – body interaction on the two stages, hand interaction above a light table, and phone interaction with the tracking of waving phones. That input was then used to manipulate 6 different scenes. Just watch the video and you’ll know why this is a very impressive project. Here are the names of some of the people involved, some might sound familiar if you reading today and tomorrow: Joel Gethin Lewis, Zach Lieberman, Pete Hellicar, Kyle McDonald, Todd Vanderlin, Daito Manabe.

6 Responses to “Night Lights”

  1. michelle Says:

    Does anyone know the song in the video? Who sung that and what’s the title of the song?

  2. espace appropriƩ Says:

    Really great!!!

  3. zach Says:


    there are two songs in the video:

    9th Wonder – Beautiful Morning (instrumental)
    Gin Wigmore – Under My Skin

  4. night lights by YESYESNO « RADDblog Says:

    […] via vimeo and today and tomorrow […]

  5. Simone Says:

    check out italian’s Apparati Effimeri.

  6. Joe Says:

    take a look at this architectural 3D projection on historic building in Italy:

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