Mosquito Catcher

January 7th, 2010

The pyromaniac in me really likes this Mosquito Catcher by Johannes Vogl.

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  1. Julian Says:

    Haha! Brilliant.

  2. free Says:

    little bit of over kill

  3. 无聊小站 » Blog Archive » 灭蚊喷火器 Says:

    […] 这是Johannes Vogl于2005年设计的杀蚊器Moskitofänger (Mosquito catcher),与平常的灭蚊产品不一样的地方就是这灭蚊器喷出来的是火焰,绝对能蚊子烧得尸骨不存。虽然喷出火焰很酷,但危险性极高,而且胡乱喷出火焰是不环保的。 […]

  4. May Says:

    Now you can avoid contracting malaria at the risk of burning down your house.

  5. Aaron Says:

    ummmmm overkill?!?!

  6. paul breaux Says:

    this is great you should post how to instructions so everyone can have crispy charred mosquito remains on their floor!

  7. Steve Says:

    I don’t get it. How does it catch mosquitoes? I think it’s actually an “asshole be gone” stick for to carry at parties.

  8. slypeppa Says:

    Burning Bugs is Awesome!

  9. David Connor Says:

    its an awesome idea! it also helps with the in-laws and girlfriends during those days of the month…

  10. Jane Says:

    Charming ! haha , I like it

  11. Edvard Says:

    No need here in Iceland, we don’t have mosquitos ;)

  12. bordo Says:

    Open flame while lying in flamable covers. Hmmm I wonder what the next frame will be.

  13. dainemudda Says:

    hmm, a flying mosquito is almost invisible – thats why almost 100% of them are killed while resting at the wall…would leave nice black spots if you use that flamethrower…but still – i love the idea! i once had an electric tennis racket …and i loved to masaquer these little bastards with it and see how the electric flashes shock them to death..and even in hell after death.

  14. Jasper Says:

    I’d probably use this to chase my mother out of my bedroom :P

  15. DIY Mosquito killer « Says:

    […] DIY  mosquito killing device by Johannes Vogl. […]

  16. hmm Says:

    if you need to chase your mother out of your bedroom you got more problems than mosquitos and probs should move up from flamethrowers to grenades lol

  17. Filthy Student Says:

    Nice, I see he can put all that together to make a flamethrower, but he can’t make a bed properly or, by the look of it, use a washing machine.

  18. Mark Says:

    Works on snakes too! I saw James Bond do it in “Live and Let Die”.

  19. Evan Says:

    Not overkill. You’re obviously not from swampy areas where mosquitos feel like horseflies when they bite. Also, notice he’s in bed. There is little form of torture as effective as mosquito whine in your ears while you’re trying to sleep.

  20. Sgt. Coldwar Says:

    Endorsed by hospital burn wards and skin graft clinics nationwide!

  21. Dude Says:

    “Nice, I see he can put all that together to make a flamethrower, but he can’t make a bed properly or, by the look of it, use a washing machine.”

    So what you’re telling me is that he’s a regular dude.

  22. “mosquito killer” « Urbana-Champaign Cycling Ventures Says:

    […] this adaptation of a handlebar to become a small flame thrower is touted as a mosquito killer.  Perhaps shifting the angles a bit […]

  23. Photographer Says:

    Great : )

  24. bonmot Says:

    If God were truly merciful, mosquitoes would eat fire ants. Or vice versa.

  25. Mosquito Catcher | Elastika Says:

    […] Via: Today and Tomorrow […]

  26. MysteriousTraveller Says:

    I would never buy anything made by a person who does not put sheets on his/her bed.

  27. Oscar P Says:

    Great for chasing off Frankenstein’s monsters too.

  28. jurassicpork Says:

    A perfect synecdoche of the US invasion of Iraq.

  29. Metoda cea mai eficienta pentru a scapa de tantari « Dosarele Pix Revealed Says:

    […] vazut aici […]

  30. Rachel Says:

    spam_Where is his bottom sheet? Men…

  31. Lee Bartholomew Says:

    Think that should be Redneck Mosquito Catcher. But hey some rednecks have the darnedest things :)

  32. J Johns Says:

    Bet that isn’t his home – bed at a motel or something… why take the chance of burning down your own home!

    Is funny though.

  33. Devon Says:

    I need one of those

  34. Sandy Says:

    haha, very creative imagination :))

  35. Bobby Says:

    Why dont you publish instructions I’d love to make one:)

  36. Julio Says:

    this can’t end well

  37. Shalon Says:

    For anyone that lives in MN, this is genius!

  38. Venganza contra los mosquitos | Says:

    […] Verde del día, que hoy andamos contrerar o jugando a los opuestos. Disfrútala y véla completa al clicar aquí. Compartir/Guardar Etiquetas: fuego, mosquito […]

  39. spacerace Says:


  40. Rick Says:

    I like that most of the apparatus is taken from the brakes of a bicycle.

  41. Cheyanne Says:

    Hahaha when i first looked at this picture
    i thought it was great
    scrolled down and saw what you looked like
    i wouldnt mind having you around to scare off bugs

  42. Handy portable personal mini-flamethrower | Beetroot Design Group Says:

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  44. a guy Says:

    hahahahahhaa nice one dude!!!!! :) i like it (y)

  45. Esme Says:

    I love it! Great for managing husbands, too!

  46. Anti-flamethrower mosquito | Products & Tech News Says:

    […] Strike that! Reverse it! It's an "anti-mosquito flamethrower." By one Johannes Vogl. [via Boing […]

  47. neil crowson Says:

    conversation starter and ender! brilliant!

  48. Angela Chen Shui Says:

    Don’t have enough mosquitoes around for this… my little battery-run mosquito bat works fine..

  49. Jamie Says:

    I’m going to need one of these for the office. We’ll call it the pain-in-the-assets-ender ;)

  50. Anti-flamethrower mosquito Says:

    […] Strike that! Reverse it! It’s an “anti-mosquito flamethrower.” By one Johannes Vogl. [via Boing […]

  51. Adarsha Deshbhratar Says:

    Dead mosquito catcher! Insane…LOL

  52. DIY Mosquito-Killing, House-Burning, Flame-Throwing Handlebars [DIY] | TechBlogs Today Says:

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  53. ((( TRETA ))) › Como fazer o seu próprio lança-chamas caseiro Says:

    […] Depois do enorme sucesso de nossos tutoriais gambiárricos com os quais os engenhosos leitores do TRETA aprenderam a construir de um mero ventilador de teto à uma mirabolante narguilê wireless, trazemos uma gambiarra para a satisfação dos serial killers e psicopatas em geral que sempre sonharam em montar um lança-chamas caseiro: […]

  54. idiote Says:

    great idea until hey look, a mosquito on a wooden/flamable object. Lets use this to kill the mosquito

    [couple of minutes later]

    hello 911(police/fire department etc), ahhh help, my house if buring down help help help

    just saying….

  55. DIY Mosquito-Killing, House-Burning, Flame-Throwing Handlebars | Gizmodo Australia Says:

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  56. aktlightly Says:

    the guy in the pic doesnt have sheets on his bed. and…. thats super gross.

  57. shin Says:

    the problem is mosquitoes hide behind curtains.

  58. DIY Lanzallamas mata mosquitos « Says:

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  59. Joshuma Says:

    it wouldn’t wory that lighter would not light i that flint wheel wouldn’t spark and so no flame

  60. Moody Says:

    Noooo!!!!…….I want it….and I love it!

  61. I Love The Internet (pt. 18) « Twisted Cultural Wreckage Says:

    […] Some people might say that this flamethrower/mosquito killer is total overkill. As a native Floridian, my only response is, “Why isn’t this in […]

  62. Eduard Says:


  63. Handlebar Flamethrower | BikeHacks Says:

    […] Photo credits go to todayandtomorrow […]

  64. rock Says:

    Fucking awesome mosquito terminator….and other creepy crawlies.

  65. Anti-mosquito flamethrower | 3 Score and Ten Says:

    […] Strike that! Reverse it! It’s an “anti-mosquito flamethrower.” By one Johannes Vogl. [via Boing […]

  66. louis bear Says:

    its not overkill at all if you hate mosquitos as much as i do then this should be in every shop

  67. Jessica Says:

    If you have never been to or lived in the South, then you have no idea how much this is not overkill.

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    […] e à sua família com o novo dispositivo de Johannes Vogl.Mas cuidado com incêndios hein? clique aqui para conhecer a invenção de Johannes Vogl Mosquitoes can make life miserable. Protect yourself, your family and your pets from mosquitoes […]

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  74. filips Says:

    i’m amazed!

  75. kenium Says:

    For what? i can do it with my hand

  76. napoleon Says:

    LOVE IT. you, good sir, are an innovator.

  77. bluepants Says:

    nice one! Although I think it should be called the ‘Mosquito Dispatcher’

  78. Jack Lucky Says:

    They must name it as “Mosquito burner”

  79. Samurai Says:


  80. Iris Says:


    We definately need that here in Africa :D
    That was a good idea, but I don’t know. I rather to get malaria and cure it than setting my house on fire!

  81. Nuevo caza mosquitos 100% efectivo | No Somos Perfectos Says:

    […] El único problema es que igual terminas calcinando algo más que un mosquito… Vía: TodayAndTomorrow […]

  82. Itsashirt T shirts Says:

    Great way to set your house on fire!

  83. graffiti Says:

    genius, stupid mozzies do my head in, buuurn!

  84. Zoltan Vaci Says:

    once one teaches the mosquitoes to fear the dragon, they will return when one least expects it

  85. Esteban Bianchi » El circuito del contenido popular de la semana Says:

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  86. ufvnafiu Says:

    I use a plain old deodorant and a lighter…

  87. Dragonboy Says:

    # Joshuma Says:
    January 9th, 2010 at 8:52 pm

    “it wouldn’t wory that lighter would not light i that flint wheel wouldn’t spark and so no flame”

    Apparently you have not seen the electric lighters or I think in this cast the ones you just push the one side in the opposite direction and you have fire.

    That is so worth the time and effort IMO. Just to show off even. And if you can put it together without instructions you should be able to know how to handle it. Not everyone is an idiot

  88. nottituck Says:


  89. sillyCanadian Says:

    If you lived where I do that would seem like the best invention ever. And yes I would use it in my house. You can only burn your house down if you’re an idiot. Just steer clear of the curtains and problem solved.

  90. Mark Says:

    This device gives mosquitoes just what they deserve. A quick, horrifying death.

  91. Justin Wright Says:

    Now that is one heck of an invention. Sure beats the candles I usually use to try and scare them all away.

  92. Joe Says:

    Truly amazing. No more clapping in the dark!

  93. Steve Irwin Says:

    I have seen multiple references to catching mosquitos… I am thinking not mate. Catching is different than utterly vaporizing. I would have accepted words such as: mosquito-killing, burning, destroying, smoldering, intimidating, gassifying, life-removing, splatting, removing, torturing or even incapacitating, but not catching… Good luck with your product line, perhaps the SPCA or Animal control could use some larger “catchers”.

  94. radhika Says:

    Its cooking mosquito fry chinese style straight on the dinner bed

  95. Andrew Keir Says:

    Newspaper reads;

    ” A young man was killed today in a house fire after a mosquito hunting accident “

  96. Como Fazer Seu Proprio Lança Chamas « Blog do Marco Alves Says:

    […] Depois do enorme sucesso de nossos tutoriais gambiárricos com os quais os engenhosos leitores do TRETA aprenderam a construir de um mero ventilador de teto à uma mirabolante narguilê wireless, trazemos uma gambiarra para a satisfação dos serial killers e psicopatas em geral que sempre sonharam em montar um lança-chamas caseiro […]

  97. NotAmisquitoCatcher Says:

    Thats not a misquito catcher, thats a awesome 420 bowl torch.

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  100. john doe Says:


  101. Damian Says:

    Wow! This is awesome! I always use this method to “catch bugs” but I always burn my fingers :P I’m going to build it. Thanks.

  102. Belly of the Beast » Random links Says:

    […] useful fire mosquito catcher by Johannes Vogl (via Ryan Briggs), the perfect weapon to fight malaria in […]

  103. Nubs Says:

    Sweet ive been looking for a lighter this cig isnt gonna light itself.

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