Geometric Healing Cell for Youth – Model III

January 18th, 2010

“Geometric Healing Cell for Youth – Model III” by Steven Shearer.

found at VVORK

6 Responses to “Geometric Healing Cell for Youth – Model III”

  1. lucinda Says:

    There’s something really appealing about this piece.

  2. Zoidberg Says:

    appealing and somewhat familiar…

    [minutes later]

    it’s a borg cube !!

  3. Abhominal Says:

    That would make a pretty awesome radiator.

  4. mmca Says:

    It looks a lot like french design Vivien Muller’s work!
    check out the link:

    and it is a radiator!!

  5. Marc Says:

    I really find this piece appealing.

    This reminds me of an Etgar Keret short story “Pipes”.

    “After work I’d stay on at the factory and make myself odd-shaped pipes, winding ones that looked like curled-up snakes, and I’d roll marbles through them. I know it sounds like a dumb thing to do, and I didn’t even enjoy it, but I went on doing it anyway.

    One night I made a pipe that was really complicated, with lots of twists and turns in it, and when I rolled a marble in, it didn’t come out at the other end. At first I thought it was just stuck in the middle, but after I tried it with about twenty more marbles, I realized they were simply disappearing. I know that everything I say sounds kind of stupid. I mean everyone knows that marbles don’t just disappear, but when I saw the marbles go in at one end of the pipe and not come out at the other end, it didn’t even strike me as strange. It seemed perfectly ok actually. That was when I decided to make myself a bigger pipe, in the same shape, and to crawl into it until I disappeared. When the idea came to me, I was so happy that I started laughing out loud. I think it was the first time in my entire life that I laughed.

    From that day on, I worked on my giant pipe. Every evening I’d work on it, and in the morning I’d hide the parts in the storeroom. It took me twenty days to finish making it. On the last night it took me five hours to assemble it, and it took up about half the shop floor.

    When I saw it all in one piece, waiting for me, I remembered my social studies teacher who said once that the first human being to use a club wasn’t the strongest person in his tribe or the smartest. It’s just that the others didn’t need club, while he did. He needed a club more than anyone, to survive and to make up for being weak. I don’t think there was another human being in the whole world who wanted to disappear more than I did, and that’s why it was me that invented the pipe. Me, and not that brilliant engineer with his technical college degree who runs the factory.

    I started crawling inside the pipe, with no idea about what to expect at the other end. Maybe there would be kids there without ears, sitting on mounds of marbles. Could be. I don’t know exactly what happened after I passed a certain point in the pipe. All I know is that I’m here.”

  6. youhavebeenheresometime Says:

    love the radiator idea!

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