February 3rd, 2010

Drift is short movie made by Theo Tagholm, he used a digital stills camera to create the stop motion animation. It’s quite hard to describe it, the effects and fades is definitely different than most other stop motion animations. Maybe you should just watch it.

found at Kottke

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  1. Teknologeek.com » Drift – Still Moving: El Rey del Paneo en Stop Motion Says:

    […] Drift es un corto realizado por  Theo Tagholm, Para el video usó cámaras de fotografías y fué creando una animación con la técnica Stop-Motion. Los efectos y paneos son impresionantes dando una sensación de 3D y de estar allí. Vía Kottke y T&T […]

  2. niklas Says:

    I’ts very nice. I’d call the effect morphing. Like in that Rolling Stones video of Gondry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuGjBNSRi1c

  3. Drift by Theo Tagholm « RADDblog Says:

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  4. rachel Says:

    hey reminds me of michel gondry’s work for bjork’s “joga” music video.

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  6. dan marker Says:

    I created a video using a similar effect http://vimeo.com/8360185

  7. aleksandar Says:

    nice playing with morphing.

  8. Dan Says:

    A video game should be made with this exact same concept. Add a noir story, and it would be perfect.

  9. jaa Says:

    this is made with a technique called morph.

  10. superelectric Says:

    most likely it is frame blending, it is a technique i used heavily in my last video for “noisia’s” track “machine gun” as well. it blends the two consecutive frames on a time line when stretching the length of a sequence. in my vid i used it to create a pumping/organic feel to textures.

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