Popcorn Clouds

February 8th, 2010

I would be soo happy to see such nice clouds over Berlin! But no, it doesn’t look like that the winter will end soon. I’ve actually been offline during the last few days because they can’t connect my new place to the internetz due to the frozen ground.
Photos by April Cakes

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  1. fdf Says:


  2. Oleg Says:

    Cool! I love clouds! Look at my post on clouds: http://xtraboy.com/clouds-explosion-esplosione-atomic-nuvole-cielo-sky-hdr/

  3. dan marker Says:

    amazing set… want to touch

  4. Spotka Says:


  5. troubleinxanadu Says:

    Nice pictures. I love it when I see clouds reflecting the light in interesting ways… but unfortunately I always seem to see them during the times when I forget to bring a camera along!

  6. » breath Says:

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  7. wueste(r) Says:

    “don’t disturb while i’m living on my poptone cloud” (billy moffet’s playboyclub, 1988)

  8. Nuno Says:


  9. Chk Says:

    Breath taking !

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