Cinderella’s Chair

February 16th, 2010

“Cinderella’s Chair” by Anna Ter Haar is a collection of chairs with prostheses made of glass. Each prothesis was blown onto the chair to make fit perfectly. Glass however, is a very fragile material but the legs of glass are strong enough to carry weight.

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  1. James Says:

    Strongly reminds me of a first year architecture project (not by me, can’t find online) where one chair leg was shortened by a few inches, and replaced by a (lit) light bulb. Not a chair to be sat upon.

  2. Chkn Says:

    Saw this on the Dezeen web site where it seemed positively hated by the readers.

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  5. ola Says:

    Reminds me on the work of Pieke Bergmans

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    […] ademàs de èsta colecciòn que he encontrado la artista Anna sorprende con otras creaciones igual de atractivas,recordad asì el artìculo […]

  7. enrolled agent Says:

    “strong enough to carry weight.” Probably the weight of the chair. But if someone sits on that, it’s surely gonna break. Looks sturdy though, to give it credit…

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