Daniel Rozin: X by Y

February 18th, 2010

“X by Y” is Daniel Rozin his current exhibition at the Bitforms Gallery in New York, but it’s also the title of one of his interactive installations. “X by Y” is a little different than his other mechanical mirrors, this time he arranged forty-four wooden slats horizontally and vertically. Of course they are controlled by motors and react on camera input. The result is an interactive pattern / grid display.

A second new piece that he presents is “Rust Mirror”. It’s made of 768 oxidized steel tiles and works like most of his mechanical mirrors.

The third one is a piece from 2008: “Mirrors Mirror”. I know that I’ve posted it before but it is still great.

4 Responses to “Daniel Rozin: X by Y”

  1. adjee Says:

    This designs and patterns can be applied to interior design and architecture. It just gave me an inspiration for a wall treatment and ceiling treatment. Really nice!

  2. X by Y Says:

    […] (Today and Tomorrow) No […]

  3. icke Says:

    see sebastian hempel, galerie baer, dresden

  4. Sebastian Says:

    impresive … great work!

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