New Overpainted Photographs

March 3rd, 2010

Overpainted Photographs by Gerhard Richter is an ongoing series where he overpaints his own snapshots. I’ve posted some before, but I still like them. If you’re in Tokyo you can go and see some of them at the WAKO Works of Art till this Saturday.

found at Contemporary Art Daily

7 Responses to “New Overpainted Photographs”

  1. Elias Says:

    sorry, but they rather bore me, as g. richter often does.

  2. Ensuite Says:

    I want to try on my useless photos!

  3. adam Says:

    sorry, these are plain bad and gross

  4. Christa Says:

    The effect is as if you are looking outdoors thru a window w/ various dirty, rain, smudgy stuff. Interesting.

  5. Peter Says:

    I very like them. This is how i understand what is happening in peoples mind as they see something in abstract work. It is always little bit hidden…

  6. Abhominal Says:

    I agree that these are quite weak (although unimaginabely expensive!) but they have to be taken in context with the whole of his work. Having said that I do quite like them.

  7. browserFruits: Das Fotografie Special | Digitale Fotografie Lernen - KWERFELDEIN - Martin Gommel Says:

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